IWSF 2015 Call for Performing Artists

Conference Theme: Women, Peace and Security
Women, Peace and Security» is the theme of IWSF Annual International Conference on 14-16 August 2015 in London. We live in a time that security for women is diminishing on a daily basis. Conventional and non-conventional wars have exacted a huge toll on human life and threatened our environment, with a disproportionate impact on women and children as the main victims in every war. However, the peace and security of women are not threatened by wars alone and the recent events in Iran and other Muslim and even non-Muslim countries have shown that the security of women both at home and outside has become far more fragile and vulnerable. Violence against women is a worldwide problem that is the focus of the attention of the international community, particularly the UN. Domestic violence, acid attacks on women in Iran, rape and slavery of women by ISIS in the Middle East, the kidnapping of hundreds of school girls in Nigeria and lack of personal safety for women in Afghanistan are examples of a world unsafe for women.
At this conference, we aim to discuss and analyse these major issues. The lack of security is not only an issue for women and needs the attention of the international community, as it represents a lack of security for the global community. We need to find practical ways to campaign for the elimination of all violence against women. http://iwsf2015.org/
Submission Process:
The Performing Arts Committee is eagerly inviting interested performing artists to submit a proposal of their work for our upcoming conference on 14-16 August 2015.
We request fresh and varying types of the performing arts.
The Performing Arts Committee would like to emphasize performances should reflect the theme of the conference “Women, Peace and Security”, and should not have been previously performed.
Please send us a video of your performance giving the number and name of the performers and the duration of the performance. E-mail address: iwsfarts2015@gmail.com
IWSF will be responsible for travel and accommodation fees only.
Submission Deadline:
The proposals will be reviewed by the IWSF Performing Arts Committee, and their decision will be announced by 30th March 2015.
The Iranian Women’s Studies Foundation (IWSF) is a non-profit organization. It has no affiliation to any political or religious group or organization and aims to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas on issues related to Iranian women, to disseminate information on Iranian women’s achievements and to establish a network of communication among communities of Iranian women the world over.
The main activity of IWSF consists of annual international conferences where in a theme related to Iranian women are approached through scholarly presentations, art exhibitions, and artistic or dramatic performances.

For more information, please refer to the Foundation’s website: http:/www.iwsf.org/

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