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I am an Iranian Journalist and Researcher in Education and Gender Issues. I am an educated and qualified IT lecturer in London. I left my country in 1983, a few years after the Islamic Revolution due to my involvement in political activities. I have been living in different countries since but have never forgotten my own country. I continue to follow Iranian women’s movement and the struggle to gain equal rights in a peaceful way.

I believe that all women share common problems in the world and have to work together to make a better world for everyone. I have written different articles about women issues, which have been published across different Iranian websites. My first book “Impact of Culture on Iranian Female Education” was published in July 2010. My second book is about “Education and Citizenship in Iran”, hopefully this can help support a future democratic process in Iran.

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  1. سلام
    حتما منو به یاد دارید هم تو مراسم و جلسات در لندن و هم در کنفرانس بنیاد پژوهش های زنان در پاریس
    می خواستم اگر امکان داشته باشد در رابطه با کتاب تان با شما صحبت کنم
    اگر لازم دانستید با این شماره تلفن با من تماس بگیرید
    و اگر امکان آن نبود شماره تلفن خود را برای من بفرستید تا با شما تماس بگیرم
    با سپاس
    بهزاد کاظمی

  2. shoma e-mail nadarid?

    age momkene e-mail etan ra bbinm


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